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This picture above is from the early, EARLY days of LRC Racing (est. 2012). For a few years there, Hospital Hill in Kansas City would have a team scored component where we would compete against Team Nebraska and KC Smoke (primarily). The course was a difficult course but had one of the fastest finishes coming down into Crown Plaza.


One question/comment I get along is the connection between LRC Nebraska, Lincoln Track Club and the Lincoln Running Company retail store. While there are ties between the three, I feel like I am constantly asked (or correcting) the specifics between the three.

LRC Nebraska (LRCN) – LRCN is our competitive race team that you are reading about! You can read the previous post I wrote on our website about the history of our club (HERE), but for the most part, we are the group of runners you see in and around Lincoln. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit and are essentially around to be organized enough to “keep runners running”.

Lincoln Track Club (LTC) – LTC is another local 501(c)3 nonprofit organization who works to promote running in Nebraska. You can read their full history HERE, but primarily you can see execution of their mission in the races they put on (SCHEDULE) and through the ways they give back. Whether it is in the form of scholarships or financial support of LRCN, Lincoln Track Club is the ringleader of support in our community. You probably know them best as the organizer of the Lincoln Half/Full Marathon in early May.

Lincoln Running Company (LRC) – Lincoln Running Company is an independent retail shoe store in downtown Lincoln, NE (read more HERE). Our connection to the store is through Ann Ringlein, and who doesn’t know Ann?!?!? Ann was there on day one to support our initial crew on getting set-up with jerseys, local race entry, travel funds, etc., and she continues to support us to this day!


One thing that is also worth noting is that while I started LRCN, and LTC and LRC both support our organization, there is not shared management among the three organizations and each one operates completely independent of the others.

Hopefully this help clears up some of the confusion and the roles of each group in your local running community.

Happy Running!

Logan Watley

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