About Us


…to provide opportunities for athletes to continue competing at a high-caliber level while also promoting running throughout Eastern Nebraska.

Our hope is that high-caliber athletes who compete in Nebraska in high school or college will continue to train and race when their eligibility is used up. We also want to provide a fun, encouraging environment for our athletes by creating a team community where athletes can run together and create relationships within the running community. We require that our athletes reflect the positive image that both our sponsors and the running community have. We hope to create an excitement about running in Nebraska, and look to encourage people of all abilities to become a part of the running community in Eastern Nebraska.

Restated Bylaws (03.14.2019)


Our Board members are:

1) Logan Watley, President (for now) – expires 12/31/23

2) Christina Elder, Vice-President – expires 12/31/25

4) Andy Vasquez, Secretary (for now)

5) Brian Wandzilak – expires 12/31/23

6) Nolan Zimmer – expires 12/31/25

7) Chuck Smith – expires 12/31/24

8) Lindsey Palmer – expires 12/31/23

9) Emily Berzonsky – expires 12/31/23